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11769: MA - Filing an Extension


How do I e-File a MA extension?

Starting in Drake17, a new STEX screen is available for all state extensions. See Related Links below.  

In Drake16 and prior, complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in the MA EXT screen (Entering a figure in Amount paid with extension will prevent the extension from being generated)
  2. On the Federal EF screen select MA EXT under Select other states/cities to e-file. Also check the box that says Do NOT send Federal unless you intend to send a federal return or extension.
  3. Fill in the PIN screen and if making an electronic payment fill in the PMT screen.
  4. Calculate/view the return.
  5. Clear any federal error message concerning the DD, PMT, and PIN screens. These screens may affect the MA EXT.
  6. E-file the MA EXT.

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