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11975: Missing Folder, 8867 in Self-Prepared (non-paid) Return

1040 Individual Generally

Why are the Folder Cover Sheet and EIC documents are missing from this 1040 return?


Some documents are omitted when a return is marked as self-prepared -- a return in which the Preparer # field on screen 1 is set to NONE  Self-Prepared Return (No Paid Preparer).

The Folder Cover Sheet (FOLDR in Drake15 and prior) is essentially a cover sheet for presentation of a preparer's work product to the client. If the taxpayer prepared his or her own return and there is no "paid" preparer, the sheet is not needed and thus does not appear in view mode. If a folder cover sheet is needed, temporarily remove the NONE indicator from screen 1 to produce the folder cover sheet. 

Form 8867 is not produced and is not required when the Preparer # field on screen 1 is NONE, indicating that this was a self-prepared return (no paid preparer).

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