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13194: Status of Add-On Fee Revenue

Enterprise Office Manager

Is there a place where I can check the status of my add-on fee earnings?


Enterprise Office Manager

To run a report for the add-on fees your office has accrued, log onto Enterprise Office Manager (EOM).

Select AOF (Add-On Fees) from the Reporting menu. Select the year and an individual month as the time period for the report, or select the year and YTD (Year to Date) to generate a report for the entire filing year.

When the report is displayed, you can see the breakdown for your office by clicking the link to your EFIN (under the EFIN column).

Online EF Database

To track add-on fees per return, run a fees report from your Online EF Database.

Log in to Drake Support and select EF Database from the My Account menu. At the Online EF Database page, click Fees from the menu on the left to run a report. The report can be sorted by date and by fee status.

For additional information on setting up add-on fees in the software, the EOM, and the Online EF Database, see the Related Links below.

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