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13510: IN - Private School/Homeschool Deduction - Code 626


Where can I report an Indiana private school/homeschool deduction in Drake?

To enter the IN private school/homeschool deduction in Drake, go to the Indiana data entry> Deductions tab> SCH2 screen. On line 8 of the SCH2 screen, there is a Private School/Home School Deduction Code 626 section. Enter the number of qualifying dependents on which the deduction should be calculated. 

The software enters code 626 automatically on INSCH2:

Per the IN IT-40 Instructions

You may be eligible for a deduction based on education expenditures paid for each dependent child who is enrolled in a private school or is homeschooled. 

Dependent Child Qualifications

  • Your dependent child must be eligible to receive a free elementary or high school education (K-12 range) in an Indiana school corporation;
  • You must be eligible to claim the child as a dependent on your federal tax return; and
  • The child must be your natural or adopted child or, if not, you must have been awarded custody of the child in a court proceeding making you the court appointed guardian or custodian of the child.

For more information on the private school/homeschool deduction or the SCH2, see the IN IT-40 Instructions or Related Links below. 

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