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How can I apply for Software Purchase Assistance?


Only single unaffiliated offices may apply through the Enterprise Office Manager.  Multi-site offices must contact Drake Support at 828.524.8020 for further assistance.

The Software Purchase Assistance (SPA) program is a program in which your chosen bank partner assists with the purchase of Drake Software (upon approval of application). If approved, once e-filing begins, a percentage of your preparer fees will be withheld until the software payment is repaid in full. The percentage of fees withheld is determined by the respective bank and is detailed in the Software Purchase Assistance Agreement.

EPS, Republic Bank, Refund Advantage, Refundo and Tax Products Group (TPG) are currently offering the Software Purchase Assistance (SPA) program for the 2017 tax year.

To apply for the SPA program for any of these banks, navigate to the Enterprise Office Manager in your internet browser and log in with your Username and password. Review and save your account information. Go to Enrollment > Bank Application. Choose EPS, Republic Bank, Refund Advantage, Refundo or Tax Products Group (TPG). You can only apply for Software Purchase Assistance with one bank.

Once you have made your selection, complete the entire bank application. Be sure to select the box under Software Purchase Assistance Program to apply. Note that you must select and review the respective bank's Software Purchase Assistance Agreement before you are able to submit the completed bank application with SPA.

For further information regarding the Software Purchase Assistance Program, contact:

EPS Financial at 877.801.4411 or 484.546.2241.
Republic Bank at 866.491.1040.
Refund Advantage at 800.967.4934.
Refundo at 908.445.5544
Tax Products Group (TPG) at 800.779.7228

Drake Software Tax packages that are purchased through SPA are not eligible for shipping. Software delivery is by online download only.

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