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14106: GruntWorx Job Selection and Upload


How do I select and upload a job to GruntWorx? 

Selecting Documents to Upload 

To select documents for uploading to GruntWorx, take the following steps (These steps will vary with Organize Lite):

  1. Open GruntWorx by clicking the icon on the toolbar of the Home window of Drake. The GruntWorx window is opened.

  2. At the top of the Submit Jobs tab, select a client from the Step 1–Job For drop list. (You can scroll down the drop list or begin typing an individual client’s last name or a business’s first name in the Job For field.)

  3. In the Step 2–Job Options section, select Populate and/or Trades. (Each job automatically includes the Organize option and costs one token. Populate and Trades cost additional tokens depending on content of the job.)

  4. Select all Job Options that are needed. If the job is uploaded with a missing or wrong selection, the entire job will need to be re-uploaded and additional tokens will be used. 

  5. In the Step 3–Files to Submit with job section, click Add Files and browse to the location of the files you wish to upload. Select a document and click Open. Select as many documents as you wish.

    ​A single GruntWorx job is limited to:
    • No more than 10 PDF documents. If you have more than 10 PDF documents, you must merge them into fewer files.
    • No more than 244MB. The size of all PDF files in a job cannot exceed that limit.

    • For documents not already saved to your computer, put the documents in your scanner and click Scan. (Select Duplex Scanning if your scanner offers that option.) The scanned document is also saved to the client’s “GruntWorx” folder.
    • To remove a document from the Files to submit with job pane, select the document and click Remove.
  6. To have GruntWorx notify you when the jobs (Organize, Populate, or Trade) are complete, mark the Step 4 (Optional) check box and enter your email address.

  7. When all documents have been selected, click the Step 5 Ready button.

To submit Jobs to GruntWorx

  1. In the Step 6–Jobs in Queue list at the bottom of the Submit Jobs tab, place a check mark in the box to the left of the name of all client jobs to submit.

  2. Click Submit.

For more information about GruntWorx, see the Drake Software Manual or the Related Links below.

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