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14689: 2017.03.17 - Drake16 State Updates

Drake16 Update Notes

2017.03.17 - Drake16 State Updates


Alabama Update 18

  • Individual Package:
    • Invalid characters entered in the “Name” field on federal screens K1P, K1S, or K1F will not be transmitted, preventing a parse error on element “BusinessName.”
    • Per DoR, specifications for AL state-issued IDs have been updated. The state ID can begin with an “I” and the expiration date can be non-expiring.
    • Current-year interest entered on federal screen 6252 will flow to AL Schedule B, Interest and Dividend Income.
    • EF Message 0058 will be generated when the requested payment date entered on federal screen PMT has passed, preventing reject ALPPTF-001b.
    • EF Message 1741 will be generated when a paid preparer does not have a PTIN, preventing reject ALPPTH-010.
    • When the ownership percentage on federal screen E is less than 100%, the amounts calculated for federal Schedule E will flow to AL Schedule E. Prior to this update, the ownership percentage for the AL Schedule E was being calculated from the federal values.
    • The amended explanation on the 40X NTS Worksheet will no longer flow to AL Form 40, Individual Income Tax Return, page 2, Part V.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • EF Message 0606 will require a Social Security Number of the deceased if the return is marked “Decedent’s Estate,” preventing reject AL41-10.
    • The exemption amount of $1,500 will not be generated on Form 41, Fiduciary Income Tax Return, when the value of line 1, “Alabama Adjusted Total Income or Loss” equals the value of line 2, “Alabama Income Distribution Deduction,” preventing reject AL41-011b.
    • Part III of Form NOL-F85A, Application of Net Operating Loss Carryback or Carryforward, will no longer be generated when the value on line 7 is less than “0,” preventing a parse error on element “TotalIncomeTaxDue.” 

Iowa Update 20

  • Individual Package:
    • The firm’s FEIN will now be printed on page 2, Step 13 of IA 1040, Iowa Individual Income Tax Form as expected.
    • Deceased taxpayer information will now be printed on page 2, Step 13 of IA 1040, Iowa Individual Income Tax Form as expected.
    • An update prevents reject FIA148-001 when Form IA 1040, Iowa Individual Income Tax Form, page 1, line 26, indicates "low income exempt.”
  • Partnership Package: 
    • EF Message 0171 facilitates e-file of Form IA 1065, Iowa Partnership Return on Income, Part IV: Business Activity Ratio (BAR). “If amount is entered for Col. A (Iowa Receipts), an amount must also be entered for Col B. (Receipts Everywhere) for corresponding line.”

North Carolina Update 10

  • S Corporation Package:
    • NC section 179 deductions will now be reported on line 3, “Deductions from income,” of Schedule NC K-1, Shareholder’s Share of N.C. Income, Adjustments, and Credits. Prior to this update, the amount was reported to shareholder only on NC179, Shareholder/Partner Section 179 Expense.  
    • Form CD-401S, Schedule O, line 14, will equal line 13 divided by 5 or the number of non-zero lines 8, 11 and 12 (line 12 counted 3 times) in the “Everywhere” column, with the result rounded to four decimal places, preventing reject NCCD401S-2670.
    • To prevent reject NCD401S-2161, the amount on Form CD-401S, Schedule K, line 13, will be equal to the sum of the amounts from line 11 and 12 multiplied by 0.0575, for the last shareholder even if the total does not match the amount on Schedule B, line 21.  
  • Corporation Package:
    • The “NC-Rehab” box on page 1 of Form CD-405, C Corporation Tax Return, will no longer be marked when federal screen M3 is completed.
  • Partnership Package:
    • Amended Forms D-403, Partnership Income Tax Return, are now eligible for e-file.
    • EF Message 0169 will be generated when the override field on line 18, “Tax Due,” is used on NC screen K1, and Form NC-NPA, Nonresident Partner Affirmation is not attached, preventing reject D403-1360.
    • Programming changes prevent a parse error on elements “MiddleInitial” when special characters are entered on federal screen K1. 
    • Programming changes prevent a parse error on elements “Name” when only a first name has been entered on federal screen K1.

Ohio Update 26

  • Individual Package:
    • Page 4 of Form 37, RITA Individual Income Tax Return, will no longer be produced for nonresident returns.
    • OH screen FAQ has been updated. 
    • Parse error “SchoolDistrictNumber” has been resolved by expanding the focus of EF Message 80 to stop returns that have numbers entered in the “Locality” field of screen W2.
    • An EF Message will be generated for returns with 0% ownership entered on OH screen BUS, preventing parse error “PercentageOfOwnership.”
    • The override fields on OH screens CCA4, CCA5, and CCA6 will now function as direct entry fields if the information is not entered on federal screens K1, E, C, F, or 4835. 
  • Partnership Package:
    • Cosmetic updates have been made to the Ohio screens menu.

Pennsylvania Update 14

  • All Packages:
    • The due date for filing the Philadelphia Business Income / Revenue Tax (BIRT) has been updated from April 15 to April 18. 
  • Partnership and S Corporation Packages:
    • PA Return Notes related to Schedule M, Part A, of Form PA-20S/PA-65, relating to Section 1231 gain or loss from Form 4797, have been updated for accuracy and clarity.
    • A parse error related to the tax amount on Form PA-20S/PA-65 has been resolved.
  • S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • Overrides entered on federal screen ES now result in the recalculation of the Estimated Tax Declaration Worksheet.
  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • EF Message 0246 alerts the tax return preparer when e-filing quarterly estimates is in conflict with data entry on federal screen EF. 
    • A parse error related to RCT-101 Schedule C has been resolved.
  • Individual Package:
    • When the tax return includes a refund for PALOCAL tax return, the worksheet PAWK_REF will now be printed.
    • The amount recorded on federal screen INT as “US saving bond interest previously reported” will now be added back to income on PA Schedule A.
    • The amount reported on federal screen K1P, box 13, code “I,” and screen K1S, box 12, code “I” – “Royalty deductions” – will now be reported on line 5 of PA Schedule RK-1, pass-through income, loss, and credits for residents, and line 3 of Schedule NRK-1, pass-through income, loss, and credits for nonresidents.

South Carolina Update 06

  • Individual Package:
    • Form I-334, Milk Credit, has been updated to help prevent parse errors on the element "SchSCI334."
  • Corporation Package:
    • EF Messages have been updated to help prevent reject 005 when filing a consolidated return and Schedule M has not been completed. 
  • S Corporation Package:
    • EF Messages have been updated to help prevent parse errors for ‘NameOfRegisteredAgent’ and ‘SchSC1120D.’
  • Partnership Package:
    • “SC” has been added to the federal EF Selection screen.
    • EF Messages have been updated to help prevent a parse error on "SSN" when "FOREIGNUS," ‘APPLD FOR," and "NONE" have been entered as partner ID numbers. 
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • An update helps prevent parse errors on the element ‘BeneficiaryInfo.’

Tennessee Update 11

  • Multiple Packages:
    • The Calculation Results window will now display an “X” in the “EF Status” column when Form “FAE173, Tennessee 173 Extension Franchise and Excise” is selected on the EF Selection screen and an EF Message is present.
    • Tennessee business rules have been updated. 
    • Programming changes prevent parse error on element “FORM172” when the first Form FAE 172, Quarterly Franchise, Excise Tax Declaration, is not e-filed.
  • Partnership Package: 
    • EF Message 0002 was updated with the current Web address of the TN DoR so preparers can locate the F&E account number.

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