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14757: 2017.04.19 - Drake16 1040 & Program Update 56

Drake16 Update Notes

2017.04.19 - Drake16 1040 & Program Update 56


General Program Updates

  • A new message is produced if the preparer is unable to back up or restore to the local or network location.
  • An update prevents multiple instances of the Backup/Restore window from being opened at the same time.
  • An update assures the last automatic backup message after automatic backups are disabled continues to be displayed. 
  • An update to the Backup/Restore function displays a message indicating when the hard drive does not have sufficient space to perform a backup. 
  • An update to the Restore function handles expired SecureFilePro automatic backups.
  • An update to Drake Documents allows “peer-to-peer” networks to correctly connect to the default shared-drive locations.
  • An update to Drake Documents disables screen sizing of the Setup > Custom Folders dialog box.
  • An update to Drake Documents ensures the program will create new custom folders when “Archive Cabinet” and “Apply this layout to existing Drake Documents Client folders now…” are selected at Setup > Printing > Drake Documents.
  • An update to Drake Documents will compare names to SecureFilePro and correctly recognize a match regardless of letter case usage. 

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