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10661: How to Send Email to a Group of Clients


How to Send Email to a Group of Clients

Batch emails to clients are available in Drake Software. When preparing an email in Drake (Help > E-Mail), you can generate a list of recipients by using a report function to identify the clients you intend to reach. The report functions are the same ones available in Report Manager and are accessible from the Drake email editor.

Drake16 - Instructions for this process appear in the Drake User's Manual in Resources and Support > Email Through Drake. The logged in user must have set up a third-party email account, (see "Drake Email Setup" in Related Links below). The function is available after opening a new message (click New) as a link on the Address Books dialog box - click the To button, or select Report Generated Recipient List from the toolbar To icon drop list.


  • Recipient list reports can be generated for returns in which a contact email address has been entered:
  • Return Type Contact Email Field
    1040 E-mail/text msg field, Screen 1 (for both spouses in a joint return)
    1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041 Contact Information E-mail field, State General Information screen (States tab) (for resident state information only)
    990, 706 not available for recipient list report function

    A separate email is sent to each member of the recipient list. Recipients do not see any information about other recipients.
  • Client appointment reminders. To email batch appointment reminders, see "Client Appointment Reminders can be Batch Emailed in Drake" in Related Links below.

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