11604: IN - Automatic Taxpayer Refund Credit (ATR)

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IN - Automatic Taxpayer Refund Credit (ATR)

The Indiana General Assembly passed legislation providing for an Automatic Taxpayer Refund (ATR) credit for tax year 2012.


You may be eligible for the credit if you meet the following qualifications. You must:


·         have timely filed (including extensions) a full-year IN resident income tax return for tax year 2011,

·         timely file (including extensions) a full-year resident Indiana income tax return for tax year 2012

·         owe some tax to the state for 2012 (have a modified state tax liability), and

·         the taxpayer must be filing S/MFS/MFJ for tax year 2012.



The refundable credit that has been authorized for 2012 is $111 per eligible taxpayer ($222 for an eligible married couple filing a joint return). Dependents are not eligible to claim the ATR unless filing their own state tax return.


To have the software calculate the credit, go to Indiana screen 2 in data entry and check the appropriate boxes at the top.


We have added an additional worksheet for the ATR. To add the worksheet to your pricing setup, complete the following steps:


1.   From the Home window, select Setup > Pricing.

2.   In the State/city drop list, select IN.

3.   In the list of forms in the lower half of the window, scroll down to line 0089 and double-click the line.

4.   At the top of the window, enter INATRWK as the Form name and ATR Worksheet as the Form description.

5.   Enter your price in the Per form field.

6.   In the Pages field, enter 1.

7.   In the Category drop list, make sure Forms is selected.

8.   Select the Include on Bill option if you want this item added to the client’s bill (fee).

9.   Select Update, Save, and OK.

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Last Modified:11/29/2013