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10102: 1120 - Wks Tax/Lic on Line 17

1120 Corporate

What does "Wks Tax/Lic" mean on line 17? Can I remove it?


Tax and license amounts are entered in the Taxes and licenses detail section of the DED screen. Amounts are combined and the sum carried to Form 1120, line 17, Taxes and licenses. Any credit figured on Form 8846 (Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips) adjusts the line 17 amount. These amounts also appear on the Taxes and Licenses Attachment (Wks Tax/Lic, or Attachment Tax/Lic in Drake 16 and prior), referred to on line 17 with an “Wks Tax/Lic” reference.

To stop the reference from appearing on line 17 of Form 1120, go to the PRNT screen and select Suppress printing form and attachment references under Items to Suppress.

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