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10124: Schedule B - Foreign Account Questions

1040 Individual Data Entry

Where do I Answer the Foreign Account Questions for Schedule B in Drake?


The Foreign Account Questions are located on the Foreign tab > B3 Foreign Account Questions screen.

Starting in Drake19, a virtual currencies question has been added to this screen; see Related Links below for details. 


Links to this screen can also be found:

  • On screen 1, in the Foreign Account Questions and Virtual Currency Questions section. Alternatively, click the check box to the right of the link to answer NO.
  • At the top of the INT screen
  • ​At the top of the DIV screen

Failure to answer the foreign account and trusts questions relating to interest and dividends entered for Schedule B may result in Note 243:

Note text in Drake18 and prior:


In Drake15, the B3 screen is located on the first Other Forms tab in data entry. A link to the B3 screen may also be found at the bottom right of the DIV and INT screens, or on the bottom of screen 1. 


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