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10171: 1099-G - State and Local Tax Refund Taxability

1040 Individual

Where do I find the worksheet to compute what portion of a 1099-G is taxable and which portion is not?


Go to the 99G screen and enter information in the Additional Box 2 Information fields.

Calculate and view the return. Look for a worksheet named Wks CY Refunds, 20XX State and Local Income Tax Refund Worksheet, and review it for information on whether or not there will be a taxable event.

If the return was completed in the prior year and updated to the current year, the taxable amount of state refund would have been calculated and updated to screen 3. Do not duplicate entries on the 99G screen. See Related Links below for details on the amount updated from one year to the next.

Note: The 99G screen is also used to enter Unemployment compensation. If using the 99G screen to enter unemployment compensation, see Related Links for more information. 

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