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10213: 1041 - EF Message 0115

1041 Fiduciary

I am receiving a red message 0115 in the 1041 package, how can I clear this message?


EF Message 0115 states:

INVALID FISCAL YEAR. A tax year beginning 01-01-20XX and ending 12-31-20XX is considered a calendar year, not a fiscal year. Return to screen 1 and remove both the "Fiscal begin" and "Fiscal end" dates.

Fiscal year dates have been entered on screen 1 and the ending date has a month of 12 (December) .

The IRS considers an ending month of 12 to be a calendar year and the dates should be removed from the fiscal year fields. Drake software assumes a calendar year, unless it is otherwise indicated in the fiscal year fields on screen 1

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