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10255: Reject SEIC-F1040-501-02

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Reject SEIC-F1040-501-02 - Qualifying SSN on Schedule EIC and the corresponding Child Name must match data from the IRS e-File Database.


Reject SEIC-F1040-501-02:

Each 'QualifyingChildNameControlTxt' that has a value on Schedule EIC(Form 1040A or 1040), Line 1, and 'QualifyingChildSSN' that has a value on Line 2, must match that in the e-File database.

The SSN or the name of a qualifying child on Schedule EIC doesn't match what is in the IRS master file.

Either the child's name or SSN is incorrect in data entry, or the information that the IRS has in their database is incorrect.

  • Confirm the name and SSN that was entered. Use the Social Security card for confirmation if it is available. The IRS uses Social Security Administration data to help build its databases, so in general, what is on the Social Security card should allow for a successful transmission. Note that a driver's license or other documentation may not match the SSN card.
  • A complex name may involve the issue of how much of the name to use in order to match the IRS master file. For more information, see "Name Conventions for IRS Matching" in Related Links below.
  • Recent changes in SSN information may not have yet been incorporated in the IRS master file.

The taxpayer can contact

  • the Social Security Administration to determine what name and SSN are on file with that organization
  • the IRS to determine what information the IRS expects to see.

Generally, unless reject can be resolved, EIC cannot be claimed if the return is e-filed.


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