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10270: 4562 - Depreciation of Qualified Indian Reservation Property

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How do I enter depreciation of Qualified Indian Reservation Property?

You may be able to use a reduced life for depreciable assets that are Qualified Indian Reservation Property.

For assets that meet the definition, on the 4562 screen, select I Qualified Indian Reservation Property from the Do not use MACRS % tables field drop list. Help for this field directs you to select M as the Method and provides more information about qualified Indian reservation property.

The reduction in depreciable life is as follows:

Property Class Recovery Period
3-year 2 years
5-year 3 years
7-year 4 years
10-year 6 years
15-year 9 years
20-year 12 years
Non-residential real property 22 years

IRS Q&As (Indian Tribal Governments/FAQs for Indian Tribal Governments regarding Special Depreciation Rules) provide more information on this subject. Also, see Publication 946.

Note: The accelerated depreciation of property on an Indian reservation will not apply to property placed in service after 12/31/2013.

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