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10288: Combining EF Steps

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Can I combine all the steps of e-filing into one step?

Yes, it is an option, however you should use caution if you decide to activate this option.

This option combines the three e-filing steps into a single step:

  • selecting a return for e-filing
  • transmitting a previously-selected return
  • processing acknowledgements and posting them to your EF database.

Note: Combining e-filing steps increases the chance that you may e-file a return before you intend to. You cannot confirm or cancel transmission after you have made an EF selection. If you make an erroneous selection, you can't keep it from being transmitted, nor can Drake Software retrieve or stop the return. If it is accepted, you may have to file an amended return.

When e-filing steps are not combined (which is the recommended, default setting), there are opportunities to confirm the choice and cancel out before you transmit a return.

If you use this option, transmission, ack processing, and posting begin automatically on the EF Selector screen (EF > Select Returns for EF) when you press Continue or Escape after selecting a return.

To combine the three e-filing steps, select Combine EF steps (Select, Transmit, Post Acks) on the Setup > Options > EF tab.

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