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How do I clear EF Message 0192 on an individual return?


EF Message 0192 states: 

Form 1040/1040NR - At least one of the following fields must be significant for the forms listed below:

Total Income, Adjusted Gross Income, AGI Repeated, Tax, Total Credits, Total Tax, Total Payments.

The most common cause of this red message is when there is foreign income on the return with a foreign earned income exclusion equal to the total amount of income reported on the return (continue below for details on this calculation)This EF message can also appear on a return without foreign income or a foreign income exclusion (i.e. only non-taxable Social Security Benefits received).

In any case, if there is no total income, adjusted gross income, tax, total credits, total tax, or total payments to report, the return cannot be e-filed and must be paper-filed. 

Foreign Income and Exclusion 

When the taxpayer has foreign earned income from a foreign employer, but no W2 was received, you must enter income and source information on the FEC screen. Entering an FEC screen causes the literal “FEC” to display on Form 1040, along with the amount of compensation.

The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion will calculate on Form 2555 once screen 2555 is completed with any applicable information. The allowable exclusion will carry to Schedule 1, line 8 as a negative amount (Schedule 1, line 21 in Drake 18, Form 1040, line 21 in Drake17 and prior) with the literal description “FORM 2555.” 

See the Related Links for more information about completing Form 2555. For more information about Foreign Earned Income and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, see the Instructions for Form 2555.

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