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10381: Unwanted Schedule C Appears in View

1040 Individual

I have not entered anything on screen C, but Schedule C keeps appearing in View mode. Where is it coming from?


Check data entry for a 1099-MISC (99M screen) on which C is selected in the For field.  This data entry will create a Schedule C. Also review data entry for a 1099-NEC (99N screen) - unlike the 1099-MISC screen, information entered on the 1099-NEC flows to the Schedule C by default, even when C has not been selected in the For field.

If the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC is not needed, delete their respective screens. You may need to delete the 99M or 99N screen, recalculate the return, then delete the C screen again to have the schedule removed from view. 

If it should be for a different schedule, change the FOR box selection, recalculate the return, and delete the C data entry screen. 

If there is no 99M or 99N screen, delete screen C in data entry to eliminate the possibility of any data entered there inadvertently. Open screen C and press Ctrl+D on your keyboard to delete the screen (or right-click in a blank area of the C screen and select Delete Screen from the drop menu).

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