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10394: Deleting Screens

Data Entry Basics

Is there a way to select to delete multiple screens without having to click to place the checkmark in the box for each screen you want to delete?

To delete a single screen from the software, open that screen in data entry, then press Ctrl+DAlternatively, with the screen open, right-click on the screen and select Delete Screen.

When you delete one of a number of screens, such as one of a number of 4562 screens, you see a list of the screens (Existing Forms List) that includes a checkbox to indicate which of the listed screens you wish to delete. Select the entries that you want to delete individually by checking the box on the left, or click Select All to choose all instances of that screen. Then, press Delete.

If you selected Ctrl+D on accident, click Cancel to leave the deletion screen and return to data entry. 

You will be asked to verify that this is what you want to do. If you are sure you want to complete the deletion, click Yes.

Note: If a form continues to produce after you have deleted its screen in Data Entry, check the For field on other screens. Forms selected in the For field may still be produced in View/Print.

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