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10398: EF Selector Messages - Return Cannot be Selected or is not Displayed

Select Returns for EF

At EF > Select Returns for EF, why do some returns lack the check box that is needed to select the return for transmission?

A number of conditions affect whether a return appears on the EF Return Selector and whether the selection box is available. The most common are these:

Require 'Ready for EF' indicator on EF screen (Setup > Option > EF tab) Ready for EF indicator (EF screen) condition Return shows on EF selector?
selected without X indicator any no
with X indicator error message no
suppressed return shows without selection box
clean shows with selection box
not selected doesn’t matter error message no
suppressed return shows without selection box
clean shows with selection box

If Require E-Signatures on all electronically signable forms (1040 Only) is selected under Select to Turn On in Setup > Options > EF, and there is no signature pad installed, the return will not show in EF > Select Returns for E-file even if it shows a green check mark when the return is calculated. View mode will display an ESIGN message stating that XX forms require electronic signature before the return may be e-filed.

EF Return Selector Screen Message Column

Use the EF Return Selector to select returns you intend to e-file. It is accessed in Drake Software by going to EF > Select Returns for EF. The Messages column provides information about problems with transmission eligibility. You can review the message by double clicking it. These message codes are similar to EF codes located on the Online EF Database.

Message codes indicate the following:

  • X - a message page on the main form (i.e., 1040, 1120)
  • Y - a message on ETD message page
  • Z - a message page on both the main form and the ETD.

The following codes may also be referenced on the EF Return Selector:

  • B - Bank Product
  • A - Accepted
  • R - Rejected
  • T - Transmitted

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