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10420: Extension Letter Instead of Standard Result Letter

Letters Setup

I get an extension letter when I need a standard result letter. How do I change this? 

Federal Returns 

If you have paper filed an individual extension, there will not be an acknowledgement that the software can process.  In this instance, you may see an Extension Letter instead of a Result letter, or your result letter may continue to refer to an April due date rather than October. To correct this, go to the 4868 screen and

  1. Select "X" from the 4868 drop list at the top of the screen; and
  2. Check the box that states Extension was previously filed; ready to file tax return.

These steps tell the software that you have completed the extension process and now are preparing a regular return. The software will still generate a 4868, which you can delete after you have printed the letter.

State Returns

A similar problem can occur for state result letters. In some cases, the state extension data entry screen provides an option you can select to indicate the state extension has been sent and you are ready to file a regular state return.

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