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10423: Drake Portals - Uploading Documents for Client Pickup (SFP)

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How do I upload documents to my Drake Portals SecureFileProTM website for one of my clients to download?

To upload files for a specific client in SecureFileProTM (SFP), you have three choices. You can upload:

  • From Drake Documents.
  • From Drake Tax when you print client documents to PDF from View/Print mode.
  • From any accessible folder on your computer or network, using your web browser.

In all cases,

  • A copy of the document uploads to the client's SFP folder and you see a confirmation message. The copy replaces any file with the same name in the destination folder.
  • In SFP,
    • the uploaded file displays a time stamp.
    • A transaction report is available at Settings > Reports > Latest File Transactions (select Employees from the For drop list).

Important: For uploads from Drake Documents or Drake Tax, if the upload client does not have a website folder, you are prompted to create the folder or select a client folder to associate with this client during the upload. This can also be done within Drake Documents by selecting the client from the tree on the left, then selecting "Search" to find an existing client account, or "Create" to create a new client account. If you create the folder, include the client's email address. Without an email address, the client is not notified that the account exists and cannot access it.

Note: You can also upload public documents to the Public folder for any client to download. See Related Links below.

To upload files for a specific client, choose from the following options. 

Upload from Drake Documents starting in Drake17: 

  1. Open Drake Documents. Note the new SecureFileProTM pane at the bottom right of the Drake Documents window. If you do not see this, select to restore or maximize. Enter your SFP Username and Password and click Login

  1. ​Locate and select the taxpayer and folder that contains the file that you want to upload. The file will be displayed in the upper right window. In this example, a 2017 PDF is available for upload for taxpayer "Coffee Beans." 

  1. On the Files tab in the SFP pane, select which Folder into which you want to upload the file. For example, choose Documents from Preparer. The window changes to show this folder and its contents on SFP:

  1. In the upper right pane, left click to select the document that you want to upload and drag it down into the lower SFP pane. The cursor will show a + sign indicating that the document(s) will be uploaded or added to this folder. When the cursor changes, release your mouse click to upload the file.* 

Note the file details after upload: 

  1. The taxpayer receives an email notification that new documents are available for review. Once they download the PDF, a Download Date will also display in this pane. 

*Note: You can also copy the file from the documents pane and paste in the SFP pane after selecting the destination folder. 

The Send to Portal option is displayed when Drake PDF Printer is selected to print the set. On the Print Sets dialog box that appears when you print a set, select Drake PDF Printer from the printer drop list for the client set (or whatever set you are printing), and then select the Send to Portal option.

Upload from Drake Tax:

Whenever you print to Drake Documents with the Drake PDF printer, select the Upload to SecureFileProTM option to upload the selected documents to the client's SFP folder.

  1. After the PDF is printed, a dialog box displays the client's SFP folders.
  2. Select Documents from Preparer. You also can select a dialog box option to send an upload notification email to the client.
  3. Click Upload.
    • A copy of the document is saved in the client's Documents from Preparer folder.
    • A File Upload Report is displayed confirming it. The report can be viewed later from the Drake Home window under Reports > Report Viewer on the Standard Reports tab.

This process works for printing selected documents as well as for sets. For sets, the Print Sets dialog box offers the Send to Portal option. See Related Links below.

Upload using your web browser:

  1. Save the documents you want to upload to a location to which you can easily browse.
  2. Open your browser and log in to your SFP website.
  3. On your Home window, select the client folder and click the Documents from Preparer folder on the left.
  4. Click the Upload link on the toolbar.
  5. The File Upload dialog box opens. Click Select and browse to the file to be uploaded.
  6. Select the file (or files) to be uploaded and click Open.
  7. You return to the dialog box. The file is listed there with a blinking yellow icon. Sending the client a notification email and a custom message are optional choices. Click Upload.

Note: By default, the Additional message to client box is grayed out. In order to send an additional message to your client upon upload, go to Settings > Account Settings and un-check the option Always send email notification to client when uploading a file. Once this has been changed, you can then choose to send the email notification to the client in the window above (by checking the box) and you will also be able to enter an additional message. 

  1. A copy of the document appears in the client's Documents from Preparer folder.
For a video demonstration of uploading and downloading documents from SFP, see Portal Overview (Firm) and Portal Basics (End User).

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