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10437: 1099-R - Taxable Amount FAQs

1040 Individual

Review the following FAQs regarding Form 1099-R and the taxable amount shown on Form 1040.


Why does a 1099-R show the entire distribution as taxable? 

If none of the gross distribution in block 1 Gross Distribution on a 1099-R is taxable, you must enter 0 in block 2a Taxable amount. If block 2a is left blank, the entire amount of the distribution entered in block 1 Gross Distribution is treated as taxable.

This is true even if the block 7 Dist Code is set to Q (Qualified distribution from a ROTH IRA). There are situations where a distribution of Q can be taxable, so the software treats it as taxable until the user identifies a lesser taxable amount (or zero).

If the withholding on the 1040 is being doubled, make sure you did not make an entry for federal taxes withheld on both the 1099 screen and screen 5.

I have determined that this rollover should be taxable, but box 7 has a code G and the program is not showing any amount as taxable. How can I adjust this? 

Code G indicates that it was a direct rollover to another plan or IRA. Generally, a rollover is not taxable, however, if you have determined that the amount should be taxable, you will need to make an adjustment on screen to show the taxable amount. See the 1040 Instructions for details. 

Why is amount from 1099-R not flowing to Form 1040, line 4a or 5a? 

When the total distribution is taxable, no entry is required on line 4a or 5a (4a and 4c in 2019) per the 1040 Instructions. In this circumstance, only an amount will be shown on line 4b or 5b and nothing will be printed on line 4a or 5a. Only if there is a difference between the total distribution and the taxable amount are values printed on both lines 4a and 4b or 5a and 5b. 

"Except as provided next, leave line 4a blank and enter the total distribution (from Form 1099-R, box 1) on line 4b."

"If your pension or annuity is fully taxable, enter the total pension or annuity payments (from Form(s) 1099-R, box 1) on line 5b; don’t make an entry on line 5a."


  • Lines 4c and 4d are only available in 2019. 
  • IRAs, pensions, and annuities are reported on the following line(s) in prior years: 
    • Lines 4a/4b in Drake18.
    • Lines 15a/15b (IRA distributions) or Lines 16a/16b (pensions or annuities) in Drake17 and prior.

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