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10466: Preparer Fees

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Why are the preparer fees missing on some clients?

Locate the client records at EF > Search EF Database and select the tab F2 – Bank/Direct Deposit Info. If you have received an acknowledgement that your fees have been deposited, the deposit appears in the field From Bank To Preparer. You can also review your fee deposits by using the online database (see Related Links below).

A common reason for delayed fee deposits is failure to transmit check print records. See Related Links below.

You should always allow 24-48 hours after printing to receive payment. You can transmit check print records by going to EF > Transmit/Receive, regardless of whether you have selected anything for transmission or pick up any acknowledgements. Simply transmitting is sufficient.

If you have transmitted check print records and continue to see a delay in deposit of your fees, contact Drake Support for assistance at (828) 524-8020.

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