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10507: Function Keys or Page Keys Do Not Work


Why are my Function (F1 - F12) Keys, Page Up, or Page Down Keys not working? 

Some keyboards, especially laptops where keyboard space is limited, may have a key that is used to access the F key functions or other functions such as Page Up and Page Down. For example, if you are pressing F1 to open the field help, and nothing happens, the key may not be enabled. 

Look for one of these keys, or refer to the user manual or documentation for your computer:

  • F Key Lock – your keyboard may have an F Key Lock key like the number lock and caps lock keys. If so, press F Key Lock to unlock the F keys.
  • FN Key – your keyboard may have an FN key. Pressing FN may be necessary to enable the Page Up and Page Down functions.

If you are unable to get your function or page keys to work, there are other options that will allow you to access field help, new screens, and other functions instead: 

  • Right click in data entry and choose the function from the list. 
  • Starting in Drake16, use the Data Entry toolbar to move between screens or access help menus. This must be enabled under Setup > Options before it will be available.  

See Related Links below for more options. The Drake Hot Key Shortcut list provides details on all available hot keys that can be used to navigate the software, enable options, and create new screens. 

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