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10577: 1040 - EF Message 5881 Canadian 1099M

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An individual return with a 1099M bearing a Canadian payer's address, pointed to Schedule C, is generating message 5881. How do I clear this to e-file the return?

You may have to paper file the return. You can delete the Canadian 99M screen and key the income directly on Schedule C, since the 1099-M is not transmitted to the IRS. However, some states may require transmission of the 1099-M and may reject the state return.

EF Message 5881 states:

PAYER'S ADDRESS INCOMPLETE OR INVALID: The payer's address on screen 99M (1099 Miscellaneous) is incomplete or contains an invalid character. Only alphanumeric characters are allowed in this field. Omit punctuation marks. The second line should be used only for the "IN CARE OF" address, if appropriate. 

Return to screen 99M and review your entry.

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