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10587: 1065 - Distributions to Partners

1065 Partnership

How do I enter an amount for the distribution to partners?

Distributions to partners are entered only on the K screen under the AMT and Other Information tab.

  • A direct entry may be made on line 19a for Distributions of cash and marketable securities.
  • Links to the Property Distributions screens for lines 19b or 19c are also located on the K screen.
  • Amounts entered here will flow to each partner based on their ownership percentage.
  • Special allocations may be made using the SA link beside the applicable line. See "1065 - Partner Special Allocations" in Related Links below for more information.

In Drake14 and prior

In Drake14 and prior, partnerships that have distributions to partners should enter this amount on:

  • the INC screen, line 19a, (in the section headed Form 1065, Schedule K – Most Common Items), or
  • on the second part of screen K (open screen K, then press Page Down). Enter the distribution as applicable on line 19a, 19b, or 19c.

These amounts flow to the K-1s according the each partner’s percentage of ownership.

If the distribution should be allocated differently than the partner’s ownership percentage, then use the SA screen to allocate the correct amount to each partner.

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