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10624: Verify Check Alignment


How do I verify the position of the check print?


Go to EF > Check Print, click Reprint Checks (or click Yes if prompted to reprint previous checks) and click the Test button at the bottom of the dialog box. You can print a check on paper and match it to an actual check to see if it is aligned.

If you are unsure of how your printer feeds paper, you can verify this by taking a piece of plain printer paper and writing something that indicates the position of the paper before inserting it into your printer tray. An example would be to write "top front," "bottom front," "top back," and "bottom back" on the corresponding paper parts. Then place the paper into the tray and print out a test check. This will show you how you will need to place your actual check stock into the printer so that the check is printed correctly. You will also need to know whether the paper feeds from the top or bottom of the stack of paper. 

If you need to adjust the check position vertically on the page, go to Setup > Printing > Printer Setup. On the F8 tab, select your printer in the drop list and then enter an adjustment in the Check Adjustment - Vertical text box. A positive 1 moves the check down 1/4 of a line. A negative 1 moves the check up 1/4 of a line. 

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