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10629: 1041 - EF Message SF-F1040-020

1041 Fiduciary

How do I clear EF Message SF-F1040-020 on Schedule F in a fiduciary return?

If the cash accounting method applies on Schedule F in a fiduciary return, either line 9, Gross Income, or line 33, Total Expenses, must contain a value. The return cannot be e-filed if both fields are blank unless accrual accounting is indicated on screen F.

Cash accounting applies if Accrual is not selected on line C Accounting method if not cash of screen F.


If Schedule F (Form 1040), Line C 'MethodOfAccountingAccrualCashInd' checkbox is checked, then either Part I, Line 9 'GrossIncomeAmt' or Part II, Line 33 'TotalExpensesAmt' must have a non-zero value.

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