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10636: SC - EF Message 0004

South Carolina

Why am I seeing red message 0004 on a South Carolina individual return?

SC EF Message 0004 states: 

SC Use Tax
The SCDOR requires an entry to be made for Use Tax calculated on out of state purchases. If no out of state purchases were made in 20YY please enter an "X" at the bottom of SC screen 4 to certify no use tax is due.

South Carolina imposes a 6% use tax on tangible goods purchased out of state and brought into the state. Local sales tax may also apply. In order to e-file, the taxpayer must either declare out of state purchases for computation and payment of the use/sales tax, or affirm that no out of state purchases were made.

To declare out of state purchases: 

  • Go to Data entry > States > SC > screen 4 Use Tax Worksheet – Required section
  • Enter the amount for A Total Purchases that were made out of state.
  • If the taxpayer lived in a county with a local sales tax, select that county from the drop list B.
    • The rates in the drop list are the combined state and local sales/use tax rates.

If no out-of-state purchases were made:

  • Go to Data entry > States > SC > screen 4 Use Tax Worksheet – Required section.
  • Check the box Certify that no use tax is due, and make sure the Total Purchases field is blank.

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