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10652: VA - Schedule OSC - EF Message 1330


How do I clear EF Message 1330 on a Virginia individual return?

If claiming the credit for taxes paid to another state on a Virginia return, you must attach a copy of the other state tax return or the credit will not be given.

Note: If the income is from Arizona, District of Columbia, California or Oregon, claim the credit on the nonresident income tax return of that state instead of on the Virginia return (VA Schedule OSC is not produced for these state returns and a copy of AZ, DC, CA, or OR returns should not be attached to the VA return).

VA EF Message 1330 is produced when VA Schedule OSC is present and an attachment is required. If the other state is present on the return, you can just click the Attach PDF icon and the other state return will automatically be attached. Recalculate the return to clear the red message page.

If the other state is not present in the return, follow these steps:

  1. Save the other state return as a PDF with the name XXRETURN.PDF where XX is the other state abbreviation.
  2. It is recommended that you save the PDF in Drake Documents for ease of access.
  3. In view mode, click Attach PDF.
  4. Click Browse and locate the PDF file.
  5. Select it and click Open to attach the PDF.
  6. Recalculate the return to clear EF Message 1330.

For paper filed Virginia returns, please submit a complete copy of the other state(s) tax return with the paper-filed Virginia return.

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