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10665: Group Webinars

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Groups Can Attend a Drake Webinar

A group webinar includes one paid registration for one proctor (includes one CPE certificate) with multiple viewing participants who view the webinar via the proctor’s registration link. The number of viewing participants is limited only by the display and audio capabilities of the proctor’s office equipment. An overhead projector and a speakerphone are commonly used by webinar groups.

In a group webinar, the viewers all can participate in the webinar and qualify for CE certificates. After finishing the webinar, the paid registrant (the proctor)

  • receives CPE credit at no additional charge, and
  • submits a completed Group Proctor Form for CPE credit for the additional participants.

There is a fee for each viewer’s CPE certificate. Below is a reduced CPE fee schedule for the additional CPE certificates:

If the Webinar registration fee is: The fee for each additional certificate is:
$15 $10
$19 $14
$29 $20
$39 $30

The Proctor must complete and submit a Group Proctor Form that provides viewer’s names, webinar details, and signatures to verify participant attendance. By signing, the participant verifies that they were present and viewed the entire webinar. If the participant was present for a period shorter than the duration of the webinar, the participant will indicate the actual period of attendance on the form.

The Group Proctor Form is available online (in ETC, select Webinars and click the Groups link).

After the webinar, fax the form to 828-349-5713 or email to CPE will be available for purchase on within three (3) business days after submission of the form. Students will receive an email when CPE certificates are available for printing. To print CPE certificates, each participant must log in to their individual ETC account.

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