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10670: Organizers - Missing Schedules or Forms

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I thought I added Schedule C when I printed an organizer, but it didn't print.

There are only some organizer form and schedule pages that you can force to print in an organizer. For example, you can force a Schedule A or D organizer page. Otherwise, an organizer provides only those schedule and form pages that are needed, based on the client's prior-year return.

For example:

  • If the prior-year return contains Schedules C and E, the organizer produces C and E pages unless the business or activity was disposed of in the prior year (indicated on the prior-year C screen by checking the option Taxpayer disposed of business during 20YY, on the E by Property was 100% disposed of in 20YY).
  • Similarly, an asset sold in the prior year does not appear on the organizer asset page. If a prior-year return contains only one asset that was sold during the year, the organizer omits the asset page.
  • In addition, a 1099-R with the Total Distribution box marked will not be included in an organizer for the following year. 

To include a page in the organizer for a form or schedule that is not in the prior year return and that cannot be forced, you must print the page from Tools > Blank Forms > Organizers.

Organizer pages that can be forced are listed on the first organizer dialog box Individual (1040) Organizer Options, where you can add certain form and schedule pages to an organizer that would not be included otherwise.

If selected, the form and schedule pages checked in the options pop-up are included in the organizer without regard to the prior-year return.

After you run through the organizer filters, the Print Organizer Options dialog box appears. Click Form Options for a list of available forms for the organizer/proformas. The items in this list will only print if data exists in the prior year return. Use these options to enable or disable them. 


  • You want a Schedule C organizer page to print
    • only if the client had a Schedule C last year. From the options, select Schedule C.
    • for a client that did not have a Schedule C last year but will this year. Go to Tools > Blank Forms >Organizers and print a blank Schedule C organizer page for that client.
  • You do not want a Schedule C page to print for any organizer, even if the client had a Schedule C last year. From the options, unselect Schedule C.

You can also edit the Questionnaire and Checklist from this screen by clicking Custom Editor. See Related Links below for more information about these custom pages. When you are finished making changes and selections, click Process 1040

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