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How can I customize emails I send or change the notification email addresses in SFP?


Watch the video Email Settings (Firm) for a demonstration of these options. 

Customize Email Text 

You can customize SecureFileProTM emails with additional text, logo, and footer information. For security and clarity, the login link and text preceding it are unavailable for editing.

  1. On your SFP website, go to Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Select Email Settings from that menu. Full instructions are available on the Email Settings window by clicking Email Settings Help.

  1. On the Email Settings window,
    • Logo - Click Toggle Setting to select or clear the Use logo on emails option box.
    • New Client Instructions or Existing Client Instructions or Exchange Client Instructions - Click Edit to open an edit screen and edit the text of the email.
    • Client Organizer Text - Click Edit to open an edit screen and add organizer instructions that will appear below the basic instruction text.
    • Email Footer - Click Edit to open an edit screen and add text that will appear at the bottom of all emails to clients from SFP.

If a client is not receiving the automatic emails from SecureFileProTM, check the following items: 

  • Confirm with your client that the email is not going into a spam or junk folder instead of the inbox.
  • Verify you have the correct email on the client account by checking the client setup.

Change Email Notification Settings

  1. Log in to your SFP portal as an administrator or employee with admin rights. 
  2. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Account Settings. (Note that Account Settings > Email Settings concerns default email text but not email addresses.)
  3. Click Edit next to E-mail Notifications.
  4. The Edit E-mail Notification Settings dialog box opens. You can modify two email addresses:
    1. If Send e-mail when clients upload/download files is marked, your selection under Where do you want the notification e-mail to be sent? becomes the address to which a system-generated email is sent whenever a client uploads or downloads a file.
      • The To this e-mail option provides an email field you can edit.
      • The To the preparer option uses the email address of the preparer, based on the conditions described below the option.
    2. A Custom "Sent From" e-mail address can be edited. If it's blank, "" is used.
  5. Click Submit to save any changes.

Account/Billing Email Address 

The email address listed on your billing information is pulled from your account information page on the Enterprise Office Manager. You must log in to to make any changes to your company information. Some items are not able to be edited online, see notes on that page. 

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