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10717: 1120 - Schedules L, M-1, and M-2 Not Showing

1120 Corporation

I entered data on the L and L2 screens; why isn't the balance sheet showing?

If the corporation’s total receipts and the total assets on the balance sheet at the end of the tax year are both less than $250,000, Question 13 of the Schedule K is answered Yes and Schedules L, M1 and M2 are not required. To force print Schedules L, M-1, and M-2, go to the PRNT screen and select Force Schedules G (1120-C), L, M-1, and M-2 to be printed.

Schedule L and M1 can also be forced by selecting Force-print Schedules L, M-1, M-2 on the L screen in data entry.

Wks M2 is only produced in the 1120-S and 1065 packages.

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