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10768: Pay Per Return - Purchase and Redeem Returns

Pay Per Return

How do I purchase and redeem a return as a Pay Per Return (PPR) user?

Pay Per Return Summary

Open Drake Software and go to the Setup > Pay Per Return screen:

  • Account Summary - broken down in the following categories, cross-referenced with whether the return is a 1040 or a Business/Estate (includes 990, 1065, 1120, 1120-S, 706, and 1041).
    • Total Returns Purchased 
      • Shows how many returns have been purchased. The PPR package comes with:
        • Ten (10) Individual (1040) returns
        • Zero (0) Business/Estate returns. 
    • Total Returns Redeemed
      • A return is “redeemed” when you:
          • Start a new return,
          • Update an existing return*
          • Change the SSN or EIN on a return,
          • Use the Quick Estimator.
        • Note: A return redeemed on this machine can be moved to another machine.
      • Total Returns Remaining
        • The total returns remaining are the amount of returns that have been purchased, but have not been redeemed.
    • PPR to Full Package - This section allows you to see how much it would cost to upgrade your PPR package to Unlimited. The total cost to upgrade is $2170 less the amount already spent.  
    • Purchase Returns - This section allows you to purchase additional returns (see below for details). 
    • PPR List - Verify which ID numbers were used to activate returns. 

    Purchasing Returns

    To successfully complete a PPR purchase, you must have:

    • an active Drake account
    • the correct account information entered on the ERO screen
    • an internet connection

    To purchase:

    1. Go to Setup > Pay Per Return.
    2. Enter valid credit card and billing information. 
    3. Select the number of 1040 and/or Business/Estate Returns to purchase. 
    4. Verify the transaction details and click Purchase.
    5. Respond to the prompts to confirm the purchased. A successful purchase confirmation is returned within a few seconds after the purchase has been completed.


    • If the EFIN information on the ERO screen is missing or did not pass the validation process, you are prompted to correct it.
    • If the credit card purchase cannot be completed for any reason, the error message for the invalid field is given.  For example: "missing name or address field," or an invalid expiration date message if the credit card has expired.
    • If the credit card number is incomplete or does not meet the standards for the accepted credit cards, an error message is displayed.

    Note: Preparers must be connected to the Internet to purchase and redeem PPR returns. The number of returns purchased and the number of returns redeemed will still be recorded on your computer.

    • Once returns are paid for, they can be used or "redeemed" simply creating and redeeming a new return or updating a return from the previous year.
    • Returns can be redeemed only one at a time.
    • Returns cannot be purchased or redeemed by phone. If your internet connection is offline, you can still work in redeemed returns, but you cannot purchase or redeem more returns until the internet connection is reestablished.

    PPR Banks (1040 and Business/Estate)

    When you have available returns during the Open/Create process, you will see the notification that the redemption will decrease the available number of returns in the 1040 PPR bank or Business/Estate Bank and show how many will remain after that return is redeemed:

    It is important to note that Zero (0) business/estate returns are included with your initial PPR purchase. You must purchase a business/estate return before you will be able to redeem and create any business or estate returns. If you attempt to redeem a return when there are no available (unredeemed) returns for that type, you will see the message "There are no returns available. Do you wish to purchase more returns (Y/N)?"

    This message will appear if you do not have any returns available for the return type indicated. For example, even if you have not redeemed all of your 1040 returns, but are trying to create a business/estate return, this message will display. You must have an available return of that type (1040 or business/estate) before you can continue. 

    Updating Returns and Redeeming vs. Read Only

    It is recommended that you update returns as you begin to work on them. If you choose to update a return, it will not be redeemed until you choose to open it in data entry. The following pop-up will ask if you want to redeem the return or continue in read-only mode: 

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