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10784: Diagnose A Connection Problem

Firewalls, Antiviruses, etc.

How do I diagnose a connection problem, troubleshoot error 57, or determine if the software is unable to get updates or e-file? 

Problem: Inability to connect from the Drake Tax program to the Drake servers, transmit returns, retrieve acknowledgements, or pick up software updates. A connection problem may or may not generate one of the following error messages:

  • Internet connection is not present.
  • Cannot find Drake server using existing connection.
  • Error 57 when installing updates. 
  • Authentication failed. Check EFIN and Drake e-File password.

Resolution: To diagnose a connection problem, you must find its source. Follow the Troubleshooting Outline below. Before getting started, gather general background information. This may help you resolve the problem, and it will help you answer questions if you need to call Drake Support for assistance.

  • Are there any error messages that seem to be associated with the problem, and what are they?
  • How is internet service delivered? ISP, Cable, Modem, etc. Is the service delivered over the telephone lines, or otherwise? Is it distributed in the office by cable, by wireless, or through a router?
  • When did the problem start?
  • Was there any event associated with the start of the problem? (Such as storm, power outage, disk crash, replaced equipment, reinstalled software, or work on a local network to which the transmitting computer belongs.)
  • Has the transmitting computer, and modem, if any, been rebooted since the problem started?
  • What is the Operating System (OS) of the transmitting computer?
  • Are you aware of any software or hardware firewalls, parental-control or other user-restrictive software?
  • Is there a local network, and if so, how is Drake installed?

Troubleshooting Outline

  1. I cannot transmit, pick up acks, or get updates. 
    1. Check your internet connection. 
    2. Can you open a browser and go to a new location?
      • Yes: go to 2.
      • No: Make sure the browser is not set to “work offline” and continue with step c. 
    3. Reboot the computer and internet modem. 
      • If you have a DSL modem, to reboot: turn off, unplug the power supply and the phone connection (if any), wait 20 seconds, reconnect power and phone lines, and turn it back on. 
    4. If the problem remains, it is probably an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a local connection issue. Contact the ISP for assistance.
  2. I cannot transmit, pick up acks, or get updates, but I can browse the web. 
    1. Open your internet browser and minimize it. 
    2. Try the process again. Were you successful? 
      • Yes: the problem may be caused by ISP browser, such as AOL. Check with your ISP, or run Drake with a browser open but minimized. 
      • No:  go to 3. 
  3. I can browse, but with my browser minimized I still cannot transmit, pick up acks, or get updates.
    1. Re-key your EFIN, account number, and Drake e-File password under the Setup menu, on the ERO screen. Re-confirm your EFIN on the Setup > Firms screen; be sure to click save if that confirmation succeeds. 
    2. Try the process again. Were you successful? 
      • Yes: finished. 
      • No: go to 4. 
  4. Is a software firewall present? 
    1. Yes: configure the firewall to permit or allow the executable files in your Drake installation. See "Configuring a Firewall for Drake Software" in Related Links below for a current list of Drake executables. 
    2. No: go to 5. 
  5. Is parental-control or other user-restrictive software present? 
    1. Yes: configure the software to exclude Drake users from the list of restricted users. 
    2. No: go to 6. 
  6. Is there a router or other possible hardware firewall present? 
    1. Yes: configure the hardware firewall. This may require a local technician familiar with the hardware. 
    2. No: go to 7​
  7. Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings. If Use a proxy server...  is checked, beneath it deselect Bypass proxy server for local addresses.

  8. Check to see which encryption type is selected for your internet options. SSL is no longer supported. See Related Links below for details on changing the setting to TLS.  

  9. If the above steps did not resolve the issue, call Drake Support at (828) 524-8020 for a transmission server check and further troubleshooting.

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