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10800: Online Reports - Overview

Online Reports

Can I run reports to get information about the status of returns and other e-file data online? 


Yes, you can get information about the status of electronically filed returns in real-time online. You can run reports on returns, checks and fees, or search for electronic filing information for a single SSN or EIN. To do so, log in to the Drake Support website with your User Account credentials. Expand the Reports menu, and choose from the available reports. Filters and other settings/options vary for the report selected.

Report Column Definitions

  • EFIN - The Electronic Filing Identification Number
  • Last 4 SSN - The last four digits of the primary taxpayer's Social Security Number
  • Name - The name(s) of the primary and secondary (if applicable) taxpayer(s)
  • Print Date - The date when the check was printed
  • Number - The check number
  • Amount - The date when the ERO transmitted the return to Drake Software
  • Clear Date - The date when the bank cleared the check
  • Prior Number - The number associated with the prior check if this check is a reprint
  • Reprint Count - The number of times the authorized check disbursement has been reprinted

Available Reports

  • Add-on Fees
  • E-file Status Lookup
    • Search by last name, SSN or EIN. Only information about the filer's return e-file status is displayed (for example, shows Federal 1040 Accepted 1/1/20YY, Refund $200.00). More detailed return data is displayed when running the Returns report (below). 
  • Returns
    • Allows you to list pending, accepted, and rejected state and federal returns, as well as extensions. Queries can be limited to a date range, data can be sorted, and filters can be saved for future reference. Once the query is submitted, you can search by name and the results display more detailed information regarding transmissions. You can also choose to print the taxpayer results, including the submission ID, and get the 9325 form from this report. 
  • Bank Products
    • Queries can be limited to a date range, data can be sorted, and filters can be saved for future reference.
  • Checks
    • Allows reporting on checks by check status (printable, pending, and cleared). Queries can be limited to a date range, data can be sorted, and filters can be saved for future reference.
  • Fees
    • Reports on all of the fees (prep fees, bank fees, etc.) that are charged throughout a transaction. Reports may be filtered by fee type and by date.
  • MOM
    • The MOM Menu is for Multi-Office Manager (MOM) reports. MOM is the online version of the Client Status Manager. It is designed for the multi-office environment and allows you to track the work flow of multiple offices, providing a snapshot of your entire business.
    • Note: Companies with multiple EFINs that wish to use MOM must have an EFIN hierarchy configured and the individual offices must set the software to transmit CSM data (Setup > Options > EF tab; under Session Options, select Transmit return data to Drake for multi-office web reports, and click OK to save changes).
  • Contact List Report
    • provides a contact list of your filed clients

  • 94X Report
    • refers to 94x filings made from Drake Accounting
  • ABC Voice File Download
    • is a component of software used to provide automated phone status reports for tax preparers (for more information, call Versicom at (937) 438-3700).
  • Suppressed Returns
    • Any suppressed returns will be listed here.
  • EF Summary*
  • Preparer Summary*
  • Zip Code Summary*
  • Returns Summary*
  • Returns by ACK Summary*
  • Reject Overview
  • Protection Plus Enrollments

  • Protection Plus Summary

*The summary reports have the following available filters: 

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