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What is Kiddie Tax? Can I export data for Kiddie Tax (Form 8615) from a parent's return to a child's return? 

Generally, Kiddie Tax is the calculation of tax on unearned income amounts over $2,200 for persons under the age of 18. See the 8615 Instructions for details on who must file Form 8615 to calculate Kiddie Tax.

In Drake18, the Kiddie Tax export is not available due to the changes made to Kiddie Tax tax rates per the TCJA. Data entry has been updated to enable the alternative calculation, if needed. 

Per the 8615 Instructions: "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 modified the tax rates and brackets used to figure the tax on 2019 unearned income for certain children. Unless you elect to calculate your tax based on the tax rate of your parent, all net unearned income over a threshold amount of $2,200 for 2019 will be taxed using the brackets and rates for estates and trusts."

The 8615 screen is available in the child's tax return so that the parent's information can be entered. The top section is used to enter the parent's information and to calculate the Kiddie tax if using the default tax brackets and rates (estate and trust rates).

If the child chooses to use the alternative calculation (based on their parent's tax rate), the box Use Alternate Calculation and the Alternate calculation section of the screen must be completed based on the parent's return. 

Notes on calculating the Kiddie Tax:

  • Review Wks 8615 in view mode when the net unearned income amount exceeds the threshold amount.
  • The tax rates are applied to each income range as indicated by the IRS worksheet and guidelines. 
  • Depending on the regular or alternate calculation, verify the tax rate based on the estate/trust brackets or the parent's tax rate. 
  • If the net unearned income amount does not exceed $2,200, Form 8615 is not required and neither the form nor the worksheet will be produced. 

The 8615 Export Utility allows you to export a parent's data to a child’s Form 8615 using the 8615 Export button in View mode. This is not available in Drake18 (see above). The process consists of two steps:

  1. Export the parent's information.
  2. Import the parent's information into the child's return.

The 8615 Export button appears in the parent's return in View when there is a dependent that is a son, daughter or stepchild that is either under 18 or over 18 and a student.

Leave screen 8615 blank in the parent's return. It has nothing to do with the export.

  1. Export the Parent's Information
    1. On the View/Print toolbar, click the 8615 Export button.
    2. The Export 8615 dialog box lists the son, daughter or stepchild names, SSNs and export statuses for the return:
    3. Select the boxes for the dependent(s) for whom you want the parent’s data exported.
    4. Click Export. Click OK on the popup confirming the export.
    5. Click Exit to close the Export 8615 dialog box. The parent's information is now ready to be imported into the child's return.
  2. Import the Parent's Information into the Child's Return
  3. After the 8615 data has been exported from the parent's return, you will be prompted to import the data the next time you open (or when you create) the child's return. To import parent's data into the child's return:
    1. From the Home window, click Open/New.
    2. Enter or select the dependent’s SSN and click OK. You are asked if you want to import the return data from the 8615 import file.
    3. Click Yes. The return is opened to the General tab of the Data Entry Menu. When you open the 8615 screen, you see the parent's information in the applicable fields.
    4. Form 8615 is not generated in the child's return until $2,100 (2017) of investment income is entered there.

    To export Form 8615 data for a dependent who was 18 during the tax year:

    1. Open the client's return and open screen 2 to the dependent.
    2. Select the option Over 18 and a student.
    3. Go to View mode and export the 8615.
    4. Open the dependent's return.
    5. Import the file when prompted.
    6. Open screen 8615 to confirm the import.
    7. Open the client's return again and open screen 2 to the dependent.
    8. Clear the option Over 18 and a student.

Note: Drake Tax only carries over a gain from the parent’s return. Losses are limited to zero. See the Instructions for Form 8615, lines 8 and 9, for more information.

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