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10809: Archiving a Return & Managing Archives

Archive Manager

How do I archive a return? How does the Archive Manager work? 


Creating Archives

When you select a return for transmission, an archive entitled "Selected for EF" is automatically created and saved in the Archive Manager. To manually archive a return, open the return and go to View/Print mode. Click the Documents button (Archive button in Drake16 and prior) and select Archive Client Return from the drop menu (you can also select Archive Manager and use the Archive button).


Enter a description and click OK. This description will be displayed in Archive Manager, so use one that captures the reason for the archive. The description need not identify your client.

Click OK again to exit the confirmation screen.

Managing Archives 

The Archive Manager is accessed in a return through View/Print mode. Click the Documents icon (Archive icon in Drake16 and prior) and selectArchive Manager

Starting in Drake17:

In Drake16 and prior: 

When you select a return for transmission, or manually archive a return, you create a date/time stamped client file backup in Archive Manager. This lets you use Archive Manager later to restore your return to its original status. When you manually archive a return in Archive Manager, you also create a date/time stamped PDF copy of the return in Drake Documents (previously Drake Document Manager).

For example, suppose you open a return with a W2 showing $12000 in wages, archive it and then change the W2 wage entry in the open return to $14000. You can then compare the PDF copy of the original return in the client's Drake Documents folder with the current version of the return that you have changed. You also can use Archive Manager to restore the archived return, to replace the open return with the $14000 wage entry by the original return with the $12000 wage entry. Restore does not restore the PDF file; it only replaces original data in the open client file. 

Deleting an Archive

From within a return's view mode, click the Documents button (Archive button in Drake16 and prior) and select Archive Manager from the drop menu. Select the archive you want to delete, and click the Delete icon. This deletes the client data files. Any PDF created with the archive remains available in Drake Documents (DDM) and can be deleted there.

Note: You must be logged into Drake Software with admin privileges to access the Delete button within Archive Manager.

See the instructional video, Archiving Return, for a demonstration.

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