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10814: Envelope Sheets Sizes

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I am trying to print an envelope cover sheet. How do I change the size to what I need?

Go to Setup > Options > Optional Documents. The drop lists in the Envelope Sheet area of the screen list envelope sheet sizes for taxpayer address, IRS service center address, state address, and city address. Your selection here is what is printed.

The drop list choices, shown below, refer to Nelco envelopes compatible with Drake Software:

ENV ALT ENV Type and Size Orientation*
80324 9.5 X 11.5 Portrait StyleOrganizer Envelope Portrait
80343 80343PS 9.5 X 11.5 Envelope (PS = Peel & Seal) Landscape
80344 80344PS 9 X 11.5 Envelope (PS = Peel & Seal) Landscape
ENV201 ENV201PS 10 X 13 Tax Return Mailing Envelope (PS = Peel & Seal) Landscape
ENV300 ENV300PS 6 X 9 Tax Return Envelope (PS = Peel & Seal) Portrait
ENV400 ENV400PS 9.5 X 11.5 Tax Return Filing Envelope (PS = Peel & Seal) Landscape
ENV500 #10 Estimate Filing Envelope Portrait
 80418 80344
9 X 11.5 Double Window Blank Envelope Landscape
 LA400 LA400PS  9.5 X 11.5 Tax Return Envelope w/Filing Instructions Landscape
Orientation* Determined by the software. Printer settings are overridden to produce the correct orientation.

For your convenience, you will find images of these envelopes in the Nelco Drake-compatible catalog online here. To order Nelco products, see "Ordering Drake Compatible Office/Tax Supplies From Nelco" in Related Links below.

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