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10817: WI - Medical Expenses Not Carrying To WI Schedule 1


Why are the medical expenses entered on Federal Schedule A, in an itemized return, not flowing to WI Schedule 1?

If there are health insurance or long-term care premiums in the amount entered on the Schedule A line for other medical and dental expenses you will need to break these out on the Federal Schedule A screen and complete the worksheets on WI screen 3. This will produce the WI Schedule 1. 

Note: If the amount on Form 1 line 3 is zero or negative, no amount will be calculated on the worksheet for the medical care insurance subtraction. If the amount is not showing and the worksheets are not producing for review, go to WI screen OPT and check the box under the Force column for Medical Care Insurance worksheets (wiwk_ins and wiwk_mic). This will allow you to review the worksheet calculations. 

If there are no health insurance or long-term care premiums, please use the WI override screen 2 for Schedule 1 Line 1.

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