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10831: CA - State ID Number Required on W-2


I am getting CA red message 0560 on a W-2 for another state because there is no state ID number. How do I clear this?

CA EF message 0560 states:

​W-2 Record
There is an error with the Employer information on your W-2.
Your Employer's State ID Number (Field(s) 0380, 0450, 0500, 0550) must be included if State Wages (Field(s) 0390, 0460, 0515, 0560) is entered and State Name (Field(s) 0370, 0440, 0490, 0540) is equal to "CA".

Drake Software Tip:

For e-filing purposes California requires ALL W-2s submitted to have numeric characters entered in the State ID # Field, regardless of where the state wages were earned or the residency status of the return.

Even though the red message refers to Forms W-2 on which the “State Name … is equal to ‘CA’,” an ID number is required on all Forms W-2 in the return because they are all transmitted to California. For Forms W-2 with no state ID number, enter a string of zeros to occupy the field.

This condition may also generate federal EF message 0208:

MISSING STATE DATA: If Form W-2, Line 16, State Wages Amount, has a non-zero value, then Line 15 Employer's State Code and Employer's State ID Number must have a value.

Go to W2 Screen, line 15, and enter missing Employer's State Code and/or State ID Number.

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