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10843: Using Custom Images and Pictures

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Where can I use customized images in Drake Tax?

The table below lists where you can set up and use custom images in Drake Tax:


Use Size Limit Comments Image Type Required Save Location Update From Prior Years?
Letterhead logo (bills and letters) Default 209 pixels wide x 323 pixels  high; customize size to fit The full image is displayed without resizing or cropping. Color images require GDI*
Use a monochrome (B&W) image unless you are printing in color.
.BMP image only Recommended: \DRAKEYY\CF Yes, after updating letterhead, software uses path to original image location.
Main screen image or logo 450 x 317 pixels (w x h). Image is centered and cropped to fit if the image is too large, but not resized. Cropped areas will not display. Can use color or B&W. .BMP only Save as PROPLOGO.BMP in \DRAKEYY\CF\ No. You must reinstall the image in the new software.

*In Drake16 and prior, the Alternate Print Method (GDI) must be selected under Setup > Printing > Printer Setup > (F8) Edit Printer Settings. By default starting in Drake17, GDI is chosen as the print method unless you have chosen Printer Type as Laserjet and checked the box Use PCL when printing tax forms.

Note: Some monochrome printers will print a color image in grayscale when using the GDI print method.

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