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10847: Form 9325 After IRS Acceptance - Notifying the Taxpayer

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I want my taxpayers to know when their 1040 is accepted. How can I get Form 9325 to them?

You have two options in an individual return: you can print and deliver Form 9325 yourself, or you can have Drake automatically email it to the taxpayer. In either case, blocks 1 and 2 on Form 9325 are completed only after the return has been accepted.

You can set these options at Setup > Options, on the EF tab (Admin login required):

  • Print 9325 when eligible for EF. This option displays a Form 9325 in View when a 1040 return is eligible for EF. Although available in View as soon as the return is EF eligible, the form should not be printed and delivered to the taxpayer until the return is accepted, because it is not completed until after you retrieve and process the IRS acceptance acknowledgement for the return. After the return is accepted, you can print the form for the taxpayer, or print it to PDF and email it to the taxpayer. The DCN and also the first six-digits (the EFIN component) of the submission ID are displayed. The full Submission ID does not appear on this copy of the 9325, but the SID can be completed manually after printing the form, if desired.
  • Email 9325 Notice to Taxpayer (automatic from Drake Processing Center). This option enables Drake to email a completed Form 9325 to the taxpayer when a 1040 return is accepted, but only if
    • the option is checked before the return is e-filed
    • the taxpayer’s valid email address is entered accurately on screen 1

The email "from" address displays (to avoid a spam rejection by the taxpayer's email server), however, if the taxpayer replies to it, the "to" address in the reply email is auto-filled with your Office Email address shown in Company Information located on the Support website > Account > Account Info page.  Alternatively, you can log into the Support Website > Account > Account Info and enter a separate 9325 From email address for this purpose.

The Submission ID is displayed on this emailed copy of the 9325. When completed by Drake and emailed to the taxpayer, the information on the form looks like this (Drake does not complete blocks 3 - 6). Block 2 displays the Submission ID number.

Form 9325 can also be printed from the online EF database. 

I don't want the global setup turned off/on. Is there an option to override that on a return-by-return basis? 

Open the taxpayer’s 1040 return and select the EF screen from the General tab. Under Additional Options, select E-mail 9325 notice to taxpayer.

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