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10854: Organizers and Proformas - Differences

Organizers + Proformas

What is the difference between an organizer and a proforma?

There are a few differences between organizers and proformas in both how and for what return types they are used. 

How they are used:

  • An organizer is usually mailed to a 1040 client to assist the taxpayer in organizing tax data before visiting the tax preparer.
    • The tax preparer uses information from the organizer to aid them in the preparation of the tax return.
  • A proforma typically is used in the tax preparer's office.
    • It resembles Drake Tax data entry screens: the screen name is shown and the individual data entry fields are numbered.
    • You can view these field numbers on a Drake Tax data entry screen by pressing CTRL + N.
    • When data is written into the proforma, it is like a rough (“proforma”) draft of a return.

For which returns they are used:

Drake Tax provides organizers only for individual (1040) returns. You can use proformas for a 1040 and also for most business return types.

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