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10855: Comparison Sheet - Frequently Asked Questions

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I can't get the comparison worksheet to display in View or to print. How can I make this appear? 

To view or print the Comparison worksheet, enable it globally at Setup > Options on the Optional Documents tab, by checking the box Prior year(s) comparison form. A Comparison worksheet is available in a return if you have entered data on the COMP screen in data entry or, in an updated return, if one exists in the prior-year return.

In individual (1040 series) returns you can also check the Print Compare box on the PRNT screen in the return to produce the Comparison worksheet for that return (instead of global setup option). 

What is the difference between marginal and effective tax rates?

The marginal tax rate is the tax on the "next dollar earned" – in other words, the highest bracket to which the taxpayer is subject. The effective tax rate is the overall rate of tax the taxpayer paid, basically the amount of tax divided by the taxable income. 

Why is the resident state blank on the Comparison Worksheet?

The current year "Resident State" on the Comparison sheet in View is compiled from the current year state individual return. If there is no current year state return, the "Resident State" field for the current year is left blank.

  • For example, if you are working with a Florida resident, there is no FL individual income tax, so there is no current year state income tax return.

The prior year "Resident State" is pulled to the Comparison sheet when you update the return from last year. When you update this return next year, the current resident state will be brought forward. 

What is this ST TAX Comparison page that I see in view mode?

Starting in Drake18, individual returns will also produce a detailed state comparison worksheet for each state on the return. This worksheet functions in the same way that the federal comparison sheet does by comparing the current year with up to the prior 2 years of info starting with 2016 as the earliest available year. Each state's comparison data entry screen is located in the state data entry for each state.

In Drake17 and prior, limited state comparison information was only contained on the federal comparison page and no separate presentation was available. 

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