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Can I e-file a return with an ITIN on screen 1 and an SSN on the W-2?

Yes, however an additional entry is required as indicated by EF Message 5709:

MISSING ID NUMBER: The taxpayer or spouse has an ITIN entered on screen 1 but the employee's identification number from box "a" of Form W-2, has not been entered on screen W2. In order to e-file the return, you must enter the employee's identification number in the ITIN override field at the bottom of screen W2 exactly as it appears on the employer-issued Form W-2.

In an individual return, the program does not use a taxpayer’s or spouse's ITIN from screen 1 as the default for the box "Employee's social security number" on the W2. It remains blank and the return generates EF message 5709 to prevent e-filing. If the taxpayer's W2 displays a taxpayer identification number, you can remove the message and enable e-filing by entering the W2 TIN in the override field at the bottom of screen W2.

Once all message pages are eliminated, the federal tax return can be e-filed.

Note:  Many states, but not all, accept returns showing an ITIN on screen 1 and an SSN on a W2. 

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