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The Setup Assistant is not displayed at startup. How can I open it?

The Setup Assistant is a tool designed to take you step-by-step through completing the screens in the software that are necessary to e-file. Selecting the Do not show Setup Assistant at program startup box prevents the Setup Assistant from being display at startup.

You can open the Setup Assistant anytime by selecting the Help menu and choosing Setup Assistant.

Help for completing the Setup Assistant screens may be found in Drake Software Help, available on the Home window of the software from the Help menu or by calling support at (828) 524-8020.

The Setup Assistant has been redesigned starting in Drake19 to assist with setting up the software or updating settings from the prior year more efficiently. The required setup items are the same as in prior years, however, you can now choose between importing your settings from last year (returning users) or the quick setup (for new users).


Note: You can also access the Update Settings options under the Last Year Data menu which takes you to the same update screen as the Import my Settings... option above. 

If the Setup Assistant still displays a red “X” for preparers, you have not set security for any preparer. You can clear the Setup Assistant red “X” for preparers by editing an existing preparer, or by adding a new preparer, and setting security for that preparer.

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